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DWED (Diabetics with Eating Disorders) is registered charity. Recent research shows that not only are females* who have type one diabetes at twice the risk of developing anorexia or bulimia, as many as 40% of 15 – 30 year olds regularly omit insulin. This practice can have devastating consequences such as organ failure, infertility, blindness and in the worst cases, death. Despite the horrendous complications and staggering prevalence deliberate insulin manipulation/ omission (or diabulimia as the press have named it) is not diagnosable and there are no current guidelines for the NHS on how to deal with the issue.

You may notice that we use the term ED-DMT1 and Diabulimia. In September 2008 new nomenclature was recommended at an international focus group held in Minneapolis composed of individuals with interest and expertise in Eating Disorders among individuals with Type 1 Diabetes. The group recommend that the term ED-DMT1 be used to designate Eating Disorder - Diabetes Mellitus Type 1. DWED uses this ED-DMT1 as it is representative of the vast range of Eating Disorders that affect those with Type 1 Diabetes. We also use Diabulimia as many of our members have identified with that term. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible

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    Recovery Thursday

    When do you know it’s time you asked for help? When comes that moment that you realise you are in too deep? It doesn’t have to be a rock bottom clarity, sometimes just  a noted recognition that the scenery has changed, the sky is becoming darker and you are closing in on yourself. It can be difficult to miss sometimes, to deny, especially if you are existing somewhere in the middle bit between healthy and critical.

    Muddling along, ‘coping’, should never be downplayed, but neither plainly accepted.  Stability, both mentally and physically can be a huge achievement, especially in the early stages of some kind of route to recovery when just getting up in the morning or taking that dose of insulin requires such an effort. Yet it can be dangerous. In a long term sense such a state can be somewhat unreliable as there is no buffer, nothing to fall back on if you begin to slide. That is the crucial point, the time you have to use your voice, say ‘I am struggling.’

    Recently I have fallen back on using my diabetes as a weapon against myself, it’s definitely becoming more of an issue and I know I need to act now. The threat of ending up in general attached to a sliding scale looms, and I cannot tolerate that. It’s crept in quite easily besides a familiar crippling, energy stifling depression. I sat for 20 minutes this morning contemplating a Novorapid dose after a night of sky high blood sugar levels, purple ketone sticks, back and forth to the toilet then to top up my cup of Pepsi Max, litres of it guzzled. The needle, so small but so significant, a challenge of responsibility. When I finally managed to pick up the pen and inject I found the supply had run out and needed changing. This process of doing so making the whole ritual even more of a conscious act I wished not to accept. I got there in the end, but this lifesaving measure is becoming a grapple of will and guilt every time.

    Knowing where to turn can be problematic. As is often the case with eating disorders, and even more so with ED-DMT1/Diabulimia as it is so much lesser known about, few are blessed with a source of primary support that is fully understanding. But even just admitting you are in need is a success, airing the secretive and underhand behaviour that the disorder feeds so hungrily upon. I asked my mum to please ask me just every now and then, if I have taken my insulin and prompt me to do so. She was a bit thrown, said “well that’s just silly!” when I tried to elaborate, not the best response especially seeing as she know my history so it shouldn’t be a surprising revelation, but she agreed and so I have that. I am also holding myself to call up and try to get hold of a diabetic nurse at clinic as I have conveniently become out of touch with any specialist contact there.

    It’s relieving somewhat, tentatively taking some power back. It feels okay, for now, that small bit of self protection.

    Remaining in that grey area is safer, more sustainable and certainly a feat when severe sickness has been the norm. However, every now and then, you need to stop and check yourself, think “is this really fine? Do I want to strive for more’. Tolerating it without thought and downplaying an active illness that can never be contained despite perhaps feeling so, means teetering constantly on an edge. Never stop hoping for more, for better, never settle for settling.

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    live support 9-11 this morning

    Live support this morning between 9-11am on our forum

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    live support 4pm-6pm

    Live support from now to 6pm on our forum,

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    Live support 5-7 tnite Live support from 5:10 to 7:00 tonight on our forum. Don’t forget to register :)

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    What a night!!

    With the fantastic £320 raised by the amazing Shelley we are only £60 away from a whopping £1000!!! How amazing would it be to get there this weekend?! Can you help?

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    Over the £600 mark wooooooooooooo!!!!! You lot are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Any more for any more? I don’t think I can stop tonight until we get to £650.

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    Hello 600!

    15 quid off £600! You are all my heros! Who else wants to join the Gang? A couple of minutes and a few pounds will make all the difference to DWED this year

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    Shoes for Sian Update

    We’re passed the £500 mark you lovely lot!!! WOOOOHHHOOOO thats Fantastic!! What shall we aim for now?? 

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    Lets Smash it!!!

    Over £450 raised so far! Well done guys!! We would love to get to £500 though-Can you help? Dig deep 4 a great cause: 

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    £500…we’re coming to get you!!!

    £415!!! you are all superstars!!! thank you so much everyone!!! Now come on lets get to 500 spondoollas!!! remember all donations go to helping us to help each and everyone of you!!

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    Shoes for Sian Update!!!

    £5 and we’ve hit £400!!!! Who can spare a fiver??? please dig deep and helps us make the difference!!!

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    Shoes for Sian Update!

    Just had a sneaky peak at £350 raised so far!!! WOOOOOOOHHHOOOOOOO if you have already donated Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! It means the world to DWED and really helps us make the difference. If you haven’t donated already there is still time! Please visit our Just Giving Page - honestly every pound helps!!! 

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    Who has dusted off their heels for tomorrow? :D cannot wait to see your footwear people!

    Who has dusted off their heels for tomorrow? :D cannot wait to see your footwear people!

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